Why shoppers shop instore instead of online?


Choosing shopping in-store instead of online

71% of shoppers mentioned that they opted for in-store shopping due to the immediate availability of the product. This suggests that offering online shoppers options for quicker delivery, such as same-day delivery and click-and-collect services, can enhance the appeal of online shopping.

Additionally, 70% of shoppers choose in-store shopping for the tangible experience it offers. The ability to see, touch, or try on a product is difficult to replicate online. While there are various ways for online stores to create a more tactile experience, this highlights the value of complementing an online presence with a physical store.

The importance of a physical presence is further emphasized by another key reason: 23% of shoppers prefer in-store shopping for the social and entertainment aspects of physical retail experiences. Additionally, 21% shop spontaneously, such as when passing by a store, and 20% seek expert advice from in-store staff.

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