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Do I need an account login to use Zappy?

Yes. It's quick and easy and we can usually set up an account the same day.

I put the correct delivery address into the system but the system did not give me a service type to choose from?

Don’t stress, this is a common error with names of small towns that our system may not recognise. You may need to put the town name in the Suburb field, and put the region name in the City field. You may also need to use Google Maps to find the region name the town belongs to, for example, the town Kerikeri belongs to the Bay of Islands region, so in that case you will put Kerikeri as the suburb and Bay of Islands as the city.

How can I find out more about Zappy?

Learn more by visiting our About Us page. If you would like a representative to call, let us know what time during business hours suits you best. If you would like an indicative idea of how much it will cost you to use Zappy, talk to us either on, 0800 729 767 or 09 280 6213 or visit our Contact Us page.

Are my items insured?

Provided that your item complies with our carrier’s conditions of carriage and dangerous goods policy, in most cases you will have insurance cover up to $1500 per consignment.

Do you have an additional fuel levy?

No we don’t charge extra for fuel levy, we absorb any fuel volatility. The fuel levy is a charge that is applied to both Domestic and International Courier Services to off-set the current fuel volatility.

How do I order product?

You can order once you logged in. You can order courier bags, boxes, sticky labels, label printers, packing tapes and packaging materials and much more, and we will ship them out to you.


For more information about sending parcels and our service standards please refer to the Help page.

Do I need to purchase pre-paid courier bags, boxes or tickets?

No you don’t. Zappy offers flexibility—you can use any type of box or envelope. After submitting your booking, just print out the barcode and attach it to your parcel.

What are the maximum weights/dimensions I can send?

The maximum weight per item is 25kgs. The maximum length is 1.9 meters.

What items are prohibited?

There are some items that Zappy’s couriers cannot deliver because of the nature of the item. Reasons for this can include the item's priceless value, violation of laws, or potential safety risks to our couriers during transportation. If you're uncertain, feel free to contact us.

The list below details items that cannot be sent using Zappy’s freight services:

•   Animals (we can’t send live fish etc)
•   Jewelry
•   Cash
•   Negotiable Instruments
•   Bullion
•   Coins
•   Precious Stones
•   Antiques
•   Original Artworks or other valuables

Can I send hazardous items?

Yes, however when you are sending items that are hazardous eg: paints, aerosols and batteries, please refer to our Dangerous Goods Guide in the Help section first as you must follow Zappy’s Dangerous Goods (DG) Policy before it can be accepted for transport.

You must complete a Dangerous Goods Declaration Form for each consignment sent. The items must be packaged to meet with the legislative requirements for the particular sending class. Each Dangerous Goods Consignment must be marked and labeled in accordance with the information supplied by the manufacturer of the goods.

Dangerous Goods Declaration Forms are available in the Help sectionIf you have any questions about our Prohibited or Dangerous Goods Policies please contact the Zappy team on free call 0508 729 767 or 09 280 6213 or send us an email

When will my parcel be collected?

Our couriers will pick up your parcel during their next cycle, typically within 2 – 3 hours of your booking, during regular business hours. Usually, orders placed before 12 noon will be collected on the same day; otherwise, they will be picked up on the next business day. 

However, if you need an earlier or later pickup time, please inform us, and we can make arrangements accordingly. Additionally, we can organise daily multiple pickups if necessary, such as one pickup at 7am and another at 4pm, whichever suits you best.

Can I get a parcel collected from another address and charged to my account?

Yes, you can add different pickup addresses when you are logged in to the Zappy Freight system. You can also add your own address as the delivery address to have a parcel delivered to you.

Can I track and trace my parcel?

Yes you can. To use Zappy’s Track and Trace, login to the Zappy Freight system, and view your consignments in the Manage Consignment section. Your customers can also track and trace their parcel with a link that gets sent to them.

What happens if my parcel gets lost or is damaged in transit?

In the unlikely event that this does occur please contact us and we will assist you in making a claim. Please ensure that you have your unique ticket reference number. If you don’t have it, mention this to us and we’ll work out a way to help. Read more about Loss & Damage Claims on the Help page.

What happens if I send something and no one is there to receive it?

Our standard policy is that no items are delivered without a signature from the recipient. If this occurs, then the courier will leave a ‘calling card’ at the address detailing when the delivery was attempted and the ticket number. The recipient will then need to call the courier company on the ticket to arrange redelivery or pick up from the local branch.

However, some customers opt to leave their parcels by the front door without requiring a signature for confirmation. If you're comfortable with this, you can grant Zappy an Authority to Leave. With this authorisation, the courier will leave the package even if there's no one available to receive and sign for it. Please note that by providing this authorisation, you indemnify Zappy and its agents against any loss or damage.


This section is designed to help you with any questions you may have on our international services.

How does volumetric conversion affect my international shipments?

Whether it’s pounds, kilo’s or grams, it doesn’t matter. All of our international consignments are charged based on the total weight of the consignment, with the greater of actual or volumetric (dimensional) weight applying.

Do I need to complete a Customs Declaration form?

A Customs Declaration form is not required if you are sending documents. However, a Customs Declaration form is required for all non-document consignments. These can be completed on our website. Ironically, if it’s paperwork you are sending, you don’t need to do customs paperwork.

Are there any weight restrictions?

Maximum weight restriction is 30kg per item, however you may have multiple items on one consignment note. The total consignment weight must not exceed 500 kg.

Are there any international charges that I should be aware of?

Export Entry Fee – All shipments with a value over $1,000 will incur an additional $14.25 (incl GST) export entry charge as levied by customs under the ‘Customs and Excise Act 1996’ (New Zealand Customs regulations require a formal export entry to be completed for all export shipments valued at more than NZ $1,000. A fee is charged by Customs to the person or organization completing this process. Post Haste does not make any margin on these fees.). Zappy takes no fees.

Are there any fees or regulations that I should be aware of with New Zealand Customs?

The New Zealand Customs website is a resource available to importers and exporters to ensure they keep updated with the latest news, regulations and requirements to facilitate the importing and exporting of their goods.

Delivery Duty Paid (D.D.P) Administration Fee

If D.D.P or “free domicile” is required a $30 administration fee will apply. This is simply to recover some of the costs involved in having duty/VAT charges reversed back to origin which is a time consuming manual process.

Payment gateway

How do I know if my website is compatible with online payment processing?

Any website can be set-up to work in conjunction with Zappy.

What do I need to get started?

A functioning business and product that’s ready to ship. You’ll need an e-commerce section on your website, which we can organise by working with your web developer. A merchant account at your bank.

What plan do I need?

If you’re unsure, talk to us. We’ll work with you to match the best plan for your business with your estimated number of transactions - that way you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

How do I open an account with Payport?

You can do this by calling our office on free call 0508 729 767 or 09 280 6213 if you are calling from a mobile phone or send us an email, our email address is listed on top of the website, we will then be in contact and have you set-up in no time.

Can I give refunds?

Yes, your customers can be refunded via Zappy.

Can I set up reoccurring payments?

Yes, you can set up a recurring payment for a client.

Can I accept foreign currencies?

Yes, however you need to be set-up at your bank to receive each currency before we can organise it at Zappy.

When does the money arrive in my bank account?

From Monday to Thursday, during working hours, the money will arrive in your account overnight (for Visa and Mastercard). Friday and weekend transactions will arrive the next working day. Even currency likes to take it easy during the weekends.

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