What’s Important to Online Shoppers?


What’s Important to Online Shoppers?

We surveyed shoppers, asking them: When deciding which online store to purchase from, especially when similar products are available, what factors matter most to you? The results offer valuable insights for retailers.

Given the current economic conditions, it's not surprising that discounts and special offers are the top priorities for shoppers, with 53% selecting this option.

Additionally, 38% of online shoppers prioritize the location of the business, preferring local stores for quicker delivery and to support the local economy. For many, the proximity of the store also instills confidence that it's a legitimate business and not a scam.

Hassle-free product returns are crucial for 30% of shoppers, especially when items aren't suitable, which is particularly important in challenging economic times.

The delivery experience remains a key factor, with 25% wanting order tracking and 15% seeking a variety of delivery options.

Product variety is important to 21% of shoppers, while 18% value the website experience.

Interestingly, 22% of shoppers prefer an online store with a physical presence, indicating an appreciation for having access to a tangible shopping experience. Furthermore, sustainable business practices are increasingly important, with 11% of shoppers prioritizing them.

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