What Can I Track And Trace?


When you’re sending or receiving packages by courier, being able to trace where your parcel is at any given time makes life a lot easier. You know when to be home to receive the package, preventing it from sitting out in front of your house for hours.

It’s also a plus to know how long you have left to wait, and when you’re shipping valuables it really adds to your peace of mind.

Zappy’s easy post tracking service makes it simple, but there are some limitations as to what you can and can’t send. Let’s clear all of that up and explain why that’s the case – and get you sending your parcels in no time.

Stick To Three Dimensions

For the time being, four dimensional items are off the table – but almost anything 3D works. Our parcel tracking service uses barcodes you print off yourself and attach to any box or container you’ve got.

The only limits are that it should be less than 25kg and shorter than 1.2m. There’s no extra charge for using this system, and it’s fully flexible – you’ll only ever spend for the weight you send.

The unique tracking number on your barcode can then be used to track and trace your parcel at any stage during delivery.

Careful With Your Valuables

We can’t carry priceless goods – the liability is too high. This includes all kinds of piratical sounding things like precious stones and gold bullion, but also cash and jewellery.

Original artworks, antiques and coins are also outside our scope as a carrier. The rationale is simple – we are a catch-all freight service and we aren’t set up to handle expensive and delicate items.

It’s not to say we’re in the business of mishandling items (and you’re insured if we do), but there are specialised services out there who are experts at handling these sorts of goods.

No Perishable Goods – Or Furry Friends

Pets are friends, not cargo – we can’t send live animals anywhere. As for food and other organic or potentially hazardous materials, it really depends.

Low-risk biological products and routine diagnostic specimens are fine but must be labelled according to our policy.

If your parcel contains organic material requiring strict temperature controls, it’s outside our scope as there are specialised services for these types of goods.

Follow The Rules For Dangerous Goods

We can send most kinds of dangerous goods, but there are restrictions and rules to follow. We’re working under land, air and maritime transport legislation that stipulates how these goods must be carried to keep everyone safe.

Our service is restricted to dangerous goods that don’t require total segregation during transport, but that still includes most things, including aerosols, flammable gases and liquids, corrosive and toxic substances.

Your job here is to label your package correctly and pack it according to our packing rules – conveniently found on our website. There’s a handy table at the bottom which tells you everything you need to know about each different kind of item.

Want to take the drama out of sending parcels?

Our track and trace system here at Zappy makes everything convenient and worry free, so contact us for more information, or find out how it works here!

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