The Rise of Omnichannel Shopping


The Rise of Omnichannel Shopping

We frequently discuss the choices shoppers make between buying items online or visiting a physical store. In the past year, with both options readily available, shoppers have increasingly embraced a combination of both approaches, often within the same shopping experience. Additionally, nearly all major brick-and-mortar retailers have enhanced their digital presence, leading to a growing number of shoppers seamlessly navigating both online and in-store channels.

This phenomenon of omnichannel shopping shouldn't come as a surprise when considering the reasons behind shoppers' choices for different channels. Omnichannel shopping combines the convenience and research capabilities of online shopping with the tangible, hands-on experience of shopping in physical stores. Consequently, it's common to see shoppers begin their journey in one channel and then transition to another.

For instance, 66% of shoppers conduct online research before visiting a physical store to make a purchase.

32% make their initial purchase online and then head to a store for product pickup.

An additional 20% initiate their shopping experience in-store but complete the purchase online.

Another intriguing trend is that 36% of shoppers go online while inside a physical store to compare prices, gather more product information, and access product reviews.

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