How The Courier System Works


Sending mail is a little like taking the rubbish out – you know where it will get collected from and where it will be delivered to, but the in-between is a bit of a blur.

The courier system is generally the same world-over. It involves the courier picking up a parcel from a chosen location and delivering it to another chosen location in the most efficient way possible, requiring multiple steps and stops.

The package is often tracked, so the sender can check online and keep tabs on where it is at any moment during the delivery process.

The Sender’s Responsibilities

Every courier company offers different shipping services, which will affect the accepted weight, delivery time, and costs.

That’s why the sender needs to know the dimensions and weight of the package before calling a courier – in order to get the best deal for their purposes.

The sender needs to securely package the parcel before the courier arrives, as it’s not the job of the courier to provide professional packaging services. Once the package is ready, the sender needs to place an order for a courier. They will be able to pick a date for pick up, but not the time.

This is because there are too many orders to consider during a single day, and the courier will collect each parcel on their driving route, so the process is most efficient.

The sender then needs to tell the courier the pickup address and any additional information they may need to successfully pick up the parcel, such as the names written on the doorbell. Somebody will need to be present at the time of pick up. Once collected by the courier, the sender can track the parcel.

The Courier’s Responsibilities

Once the package is in the van, the courier will take the package (and many others) to the nearest depot to be sorted with other packages going to similar areas. From there, it will often be taken by another courier to a depot closer to the delivery location.

The package will be assigned to a driver based on area of coverage, and the package will be delivered. If no-one is there to accept the parcel, the courier will leave a note with the date of the next delivery attempt, and if no-one is there again, they will leave a note for the person to pick up the parcel at a depot.

Take it Easy

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