Freight Companies Vs. Courier Services: Which Option Is Right For You?


Getting your parcels from A to B presents you with a list of challenges. You need to weigh your desired delivery speed against the costs of express shipping, and the stakes only get higher if your parcels are large. For many New Zealand businesses who rely heavily on package transport, it all comes down to a choice between freight companies and courier delivery.

But which transport option is the best fit for your business? Both freight companies and courier services offer unique benefits for companies. Read on to see which will better meet the needs of your business.

What Are The Differences Between Freight Companies And Couriers?

They may seem similar, but freight companies and couriers take very different approaches to how they move packages.

Freight companies NZ wide rely on two different options for shipping: LTL and FTL. LTL, or Less-Than-Load is perhaps the more popular option of the two. Shipments that would not otherwise fill an entire shipping trailer are sent LTL, allowing the client to pay only for trailer space occupied by the load.

This makes LTL a more cost-effective option than FTL, or Full-Truck-Load, wherein clients pay for an entire trailer. This option is only used when clients regularly ship enough product to fill an entire shipping trailer.

While Freight companies align with other transport services to move product in bulk, courier services use their own staff and infrastructure to move parcels as quickly and precisely as possible. Couriers typically offer door-to-door services, package tracking, and expedited delivery.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Freight Company?

Freight companies are the ideal choice for companies that regularly ship large items or large quantities. Ideal for packages larger than about 70kg, freight companies work well with business-to-business companies who provide bulk inventory shipments to other retail floors or showrooms.

Most freight trailers are between 14.5 and 16 metres long, though air and sea freight companies are also available, and their sizes may vary. Pallet services are also usually available for bulk shipments.  

Typically, freight companies reduce their overhead costs by not dealing with their thousands of customers directly, choosing instead to liaise with a smaller network of freight brokers and forwarders.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Courier Service?

Courier services specialise in moving smaller packages that can be moved quickly and efficiently, accurately tracked, and delivered to precise addresses within a single logistical network.

This makes couriers the preferable option for business-to-customer companies who ship orders to individual addresses all around New Zealand. Because couriers hand-deliver parcels to their recipients, your customers will know their package was secure from beginning to end.

Also, because a single company handled your package from beginning to end, you’ll be able to manage any issues with your shipment more easily.

Zappy can meet both your freight and courier needs

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect freight company or the ideal courier service, the shipping professionals at Zappy have the network in place to meet all of your shipping needs. If your packages are road-ready, don’t wait! Contact Zappy today.

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