What Are The Benefits Of Parcel Post Tracking?


In 2018, parcel tracking has almost become a required offering for any business that uses deliveries to get items to customers, and it’s just as demanded by individuals using couriers to send and receive parcels amongst each other.

This is due to the many benefits that parcel post tracking provides for both businesses and customers.

In this blog post, we’ll take you through some of these benefits, and explain just why they’re so helpful for businesses, customers, and anyone else using courier tracking through a service like Zappy.

Parcel Tracking Helps Businesses With Shipping And Delivery Processes

Now that businesses can simply scan a barcode on every package or parcel to signal the location and status of the package, they can not only provide updates to the customer about the progress of their delivery, but can track their internal processes and the efficiency of either their delivery system, or the courier they use for deliveries.

In the past, a business might have had no idea where an item was on a minute-to-minute business – with courier tracking technology it’s nigh on impossible to lose a package.

Naturally, this helps increase the rate of successful deliveries, and also has important time- and energy-saving benefits for customers.

Greater Customer Satisfaction With Courier Tracking

With parcel post tracking, people can follow along on phone as their item is delivered and, unlike in the past, they don’t have to call and check what the timeframe for delivery is or how far along their parcel is in the process.

When it comes to the actual delivery, customers are able to know exactly when they have to be home to collect a parcel – otherwise they can enter specific delivery instructions via the internet, or easily organise redelivery which can be tracked in the same way.

For both couriers and customers, this means far less time spent on customer service, and greater certainty and satisfaction.

Parcel Post Tracking With Zappy

There’s no drawback to using Zappy’s simple courier platform and aggregator to organise the services of a courier – tracking is also easy as Zappy’s network of reliable and trustworthy couriers all offer track-and-trace services.

We’ll let you or your business follow the status of a delivery, knowing that it will reach its destination without issue.

With Zappy, you have access to these couriers and their services in a way that saves everyone time and money, as you can do everything through Zappy’s single-platform, easy-to-use system.

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